The Karmel Italy born from forty years in the field of coagulants and food additives, as well as deep knowledge of the dairy sector, the Ferro family that, with this brand, wanted to offer its customers only the highest quality products, rigorously tested and certificates.
The strengths are innovation and the young mentality and the highly qualified staff consists of biologists and food technologists, allowing all 'company to optimize production processes and market products with high peculiarity.
The mission is to ensure a high added value to production and procedures, through counseling and the support of our technicians who are regularly updated and trained to best cope with the vast world of food.
The production of coagulants and additives takes place exclusively through the use of products of European origin, strictly selecting raw materials, so as to always ensure the safety and traceability.
Upon completion of a business framework innovative but at the same time reliable, are definitely our departments and commercial distribution that, thanks to a synergistic involvement, are able to enhance the relationship between operational and strategic management.